Christian romantic suspense


The city of Jericho was mighty indeed.
Conquering that place, no one could ever succeed.
Those walls were too high and fortified strong.
To think you’d defeat it you’d have to be wrong.

But there was one man who looked at things queer.
He didn’t see walls that were mighty and sheer.
The walls were not there, to him there were none.
In his eyes that battle was already won.

A very strange view to a way that looks barred.
Seems smarter to accept it as just way too hard.
This man named Josh could have stepped off his track.
He would not have been blamed for turning his back.

But what Joshua did was to walk seven days,
Never changing his path but always offering praise.
Around and around that fortified place,
He kept on going never changing his pace.

Some thought he was crazy and out of his mind,
But look a bit deeper you’d be surprised what you’d find.
The truth was he knew something much more profound;
And simply by trusting he was about to astound.

He could have sat down with his bum on a rock.
He really didn’t have to get up and walk.
He could have complained with his head in his hands,
Refusing to go on completing God’s plans.

But he kept on trusting even when walls remained.
He walked by faith so he wasn’t constrained.
He knew that with God he could conquer the best.
So he didn’t back down when he was put to the test.

But what do I do when those walls seem too stout,
Wanting to give up and so full of doubt.
My thoughts and my feelings compel me to quit.
Is it to God or myself that I should submit?

Will I choose to stand up and just keep on going,
Even if I think that I have something owing?
If I lay down my will it’s on God I’ll depend.
It is really this thought with which I contend.

I say that I trust but do I really believe?
Can I truly depend on the one that I cleave?
One thing that I know is I want to break through.
So I have to respond to what I know to be true.

Those walls will fall down, they just cannot last.
For Joshua, it was after that seventh trumpet blast.
It’s true that we walk by faith and not sight.
It’s by His spirit, and not by our might.

So when walls rise up and seek to condemn,
And you cannot see a way to get through them.
On truth you must look, and not how you feel.
It is then that not you, but those walls, they will kneel.

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