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Eva has no memory of who she is or where she came from.
But as she searches for answers, terrifying nightmares hint at a truth worse than the radical theories concocted by those who rescued her, and she decides she’s better off not knowing.

With nothing to lose, she begins to build a new life, pushing away the instincts that tug at her subconscious. But it isn’t long before she discovers that she can’t trust anyone, including herself, and the only way to survive is to enlist the help of an enemy and risk uncovering a truth about her past that may cost her more than her life.

Ben was willing to die.
With millions of lives at risk, he did what it took to stop an organization seeking to control the country. But his readiness to die meant that when he found himself miraculously alive, he was too afraid to face a world he had been prepared to leave. So when the angel that saved Ben returns to bring him a new assignment—to save a woman entrenched in the organization he was trying to destroy—he must choose whether he will be obedient to God or to fear.

A pulse-pounding Christian thriller about redemption, love, and a God who never gives up.

Christian Romantic Suspense

Shadow Game

Book One
She must put her faith in a God she doesn't trust in order to save a man she can never have.

Shadow Line

Book Two
Liam tried redemption ... it didn't stick, so he went back to the thing he knows best - The Con.

Shadow Break

Book Three
Solomon has never been afraid to die, until his latest assignment gives him something to live for.

Shadow Trace

Book Four
When everyone has a convincing motive, how do you discover the truth?

Clean romantic suspense

An expert crime fixer who’s always in control is unware she’s the unwitting puppet in a twisted game.

If you don’t control your own future, someone else will…

Clean romantic suspense

A skilled thief who always gets what she wants, may lose it all when she risks everything to give her brother back the life that was stolen.

She got all she thought she wanted.

It turned out to be more than she bargained for.